ELECTRIC CIGERATTE: A battery-operated device that emits vaporized solution when inhaled. The aim of using e-cig is to give the impression of inhaling tobacco smoke, without the smoke. It comes in different flavour like mint, mango, chocolate, strawberry etc. and usually contain nicotine. E-cig device has several names and comes in different shapes like e-hookahs, vapes, vaporizer cigarette and vape pens.

What does E-Cigarette consist of?

E-cig are made up of following:

Battery: This powers the heating element in e-cig.

The mouthpiece: The fixed cartridge in the end of the tube.

The atomizer: When a person inhales it, this heat the liquid causing it to vaporize.

The sensor: This activates the heater when the user sucks on the e-cig.

E-juice/E-liquid: propylene glycol and flavoring are made into solution which contains nicotine also called e-liquid or e-juice.

Who need to avoid E- Cigarette?

Many consume e-cig to quit traditional cigarette, but people should still try to avoid using E-cigarettes. The people that should have the priority of avoiding E-cigarettes are children and young adults who are under the age of 21. The surveys and data that been collected shows that a lot of e-cig are being used by young adults and have become addicted to which now they can’t stop using e-cig. Also, women who are pregnant should avoid e-cig or cigarettes in general as smoking has adverse effects on their baby like congenital heart defects, low birth weight etc. People who have not smoked before should also avoid smoking cigarettes or e-cigs as these products contains nicotine which is and addictive chemical which then creates addiction for smoking.

Things to KEEP IN MIND before consuming E- Cigarette?

  • They contain nicotine: Almost all e-cig contain nicotine which is harmful for health.
  • Affects brain development
  • Can harm a foetus during pregnancy
  • Contains other toxins
  • Quitting smoking is Harder
  • Second-hand smoke: Vaping is known for producing second-hand smoke. smoke produced by vaping may be toxic to people who consume but also to people nearby.
  • Other minute particles that can enter the lungs: Many people say that quitting smoking is harder. It’s easy to start smoking but difficult to quit it. People consume E-cig to quit traditional smoking. Some are successful whereas some aren’t.
  • Brain damage: In youngsters, the utilization of nicotine can affect the prize framework in the cerebrum. On schedule, this can utilize different medications, like cocaine, more pleasurable, as indicated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Also, nicotine use can influence spaces of a youngster’s cerebrum that are liable for consideration and learning. It might likewise build the danger of creating temperament issues and issues with drive control.
  • They may not dissuade youngster smoking: The advertising of e-cigarettes and their scope of flavours can give the feeling that vaping isn’t destructive. This message can entice individuals, including adolescents, to begin vaping. In any case, vaping right off the bat might build the shots at smoking conventional cigarettes further down the road. As indicated by a recent report, youngsters who use e-cigarettes are bound to smoke normal tobacco items later on, contrasted and their friends.

Generally E-cig contains following chemicals in the solution.

  • hazardous metals, such as lead and cadmium
  • carcinogens, such as acetaldehyde and formaldehyde
  • benzene, a compound in car exhaust
  • propylene glycol, used in antifreeze
  • diacetyl, a chemical linked to bronchiolitis, which is a health condition sometimes called “popcorn lung”
  • acrolein, a weed killer that can lead to irreversible lung damage


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